INITIATING CONVERSATIONS THAT COUNT Practical know‐how for prevention: self in the system By Monica Bensberg

[please excuse my google drive link, Monica sent this to me for distribution here so I’m sharing it the quickest and easiest way I know. Looks great]

This discussion paper is for health promotion
practitioners who are trying to resolve wicked
problems, such as obesity, suicide, family violence
and other persistent societal challenges.
This discussion paper aims to encourage you to
initiate conversations that count. They are the
meaningful conversations that help change
complex systems for the better.
The BIG IDEA and call to action here is that you,
from your place inside the prevention system,
consciously seek opportunities to use persuasive
actions to instigate lasting health-promoting
solutions. You need to intentionally put yourself (or
others) in front of the right person, in the right
place, at the right time with the right message to
challenge the status quo. This is about the
contribution that you can make by leading
conversations that shape everyday thinking and
actions (Abercrombie, Boswell et al. 2018).

1. Networking human systems Page 4
1.1. Self in the system
1.2. Conversations mobilise action
2. Influencers’ practical know-how Page 6
2.1. Influencers make things happen
2.2. Influence grows
2.3. Types of influence
2.3.1. Personal awareness and direct influence
2.3.2. Peripheral awareness and indirect influence
2.3.3. Contextual awareness and situational influence
2.4. Top influencing tips
3. Other things to consider Page 14
3.1. Practising in partnership
3.2. Capacity-building
4. Embracing your powers of persuasion Page 15
5. Sources of inspiration Page 15
5.1. Systems concepts
5.2. More great ideas