Zachary Stein on Education in a Time Between Worlds


Perspectiva is developing a new project called The Transformative Education Alliance, or TEA. A major inspiration for it is Education in a Time Between Worlds, a book by the philosopher of education Zachary Stein. Zachary is now helping Perspectiva to develop TEA. Here he talks to Caspar Henderson about major themes in the book.

Caspar Henderson: Let’s start with what you call “the central importance of education as an aspect of the global meta crisis.” Tell me something about what that means.

Zachary Stein: We’re in a situation where it seems like in order to have a viable future for humanity the challenge is one of technical and scientific problems to be solved such as the future of computing and ways to tackle environmental problems such as carbon emissions. There is some truth to this. But it’s also the case that none of those problems will be…

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