Reimagine​​ Leadership reunion/new beginning – Jan 19 2021 ​09.00-16.30 CET



Reimagine Leadership
reunion/new beginnings

explore how ​to relate, work and thrive in complexity

​​January 19th 2021
​09.00-16.30 CET

2020 was a year of re-arrangements, the complexities being impossible to ignore. Our own fresh experiences of creatively adapting provide us with important perspectives and new questions. We have experienced that the systems set up to support us proved themselves outdated when pushed by the climate-crises, covid and growing inequalities.

Do we need to reframe the challenge and purpose that guide our work? What kind of action is needed now? How do we navigate when our well-defined strategy and control mechanisms are proving  insufficient for a complex, fast-paced and uncertain landscape?  How do we prepare to successfully create collaborative cultures in which it is ok to not have answers and certainty? The situation we are in calls for radical shifts in how leadership and organisations operate. 

Welcome to start the new year by making sense of 2020 with peers, finding your starting position and intention moving ahead! Reimagine Leadership isa gathering for leaders, practitioners and activists from all sectors that share an ambition to embrace the complexity, responding more effectively to our challenges with strategy grounded in insights from complexity sciences and practices. How do we, in the midst of all this turmoil, create the conditions for prosperous organisations and sustainable futures to emerge?

Welcome to co-create!

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