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JUN 22 The Cybernetics of Brand

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JUN 22

The Cybernetics of Brand

by CybSights: The Insights Series Following

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What cybernetics tells us about brand and brand about cybernetics and what these together tell us that is important.

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The Insights Series is an eclectic and learned collection of monthly events on the 4th Tuesday of each month hosted by Cybernetics Society. There will be lectures, seminars, conversations, debates, participation, all advancing our knowledge of cybernetics and related disciplines and their applications to real world needs. Speakers present their own views, without formal endorsement.

Cybernetics is the science of achievement, the great meta-discipline of our time.

The CybSights Insights series is normally curated and hosted by the Secretary, Angus Jenkinson, FCybS. Attendance is free. Non-members are invited to make an optional donation or to Join.

In this session we welcome an Australian.

We are particularly delighted to be able to welcome Tim Falkiner with his experience in town planning, law, and legilstion with ‘homeskooled’ cybernetics.

The Cybernetics of Brand

In this talk, I am interested in exploring three different aspects of the topic of ‘brand’. Firstly, what does cybernetics tell us about brand. Brand is an energetic concept and important operational and commercial aspect of the contemporary business world and indeed of more than just businesses — political parties, politicians, cities, even countries. What is it and how does it relate to identity and other fundamentals? The second aspect is what looking at this might tell us about cybernetics. What is the distinctive go of cybernetics? Sometimes looking into the detailed examples is a good way to learn and think.

But there is a third and possibly even a fourth aspect. What does it tell us about companies themselves? What might that tell us about the world, human and natural? And the nature of the their systemic organization? And then there is the distinctiveness of cybernetics itself — let us say as ‘a brand’ in the field of systemic thinking.

My interest in this is not merely academic or scholarly or even technical. Businesses and companies are a huge part of our world — huge in terms of their influence, power to do good or ill, and so contribution to the essentials and failures of modern civilisation. Billions of people are employed by and dependent on them and they are getting tougher to manage as they get bigger and more complex. ‘Brand’ matters to citizens, consumers, policy makers, leaders.Businesses and companies are a huge part of our world

I am going to relate brand to customers, to value, to values; to processes and organization; to identity and purposes and why we are all here. And in this also to other classic management questions like culture, business model, and intelligent systems.

But I would also like to look at such fundamental questions as observers and how they see the world and what that means practically and scientifically. How do we need to rethink scientific method itself given the pragmatic reality and empirical fact of “brand” as a contemporary world phenomenon? A competent science should be able to deal with it. Does science have the requisite variety in its methods? Is it fit for purpose?

And to make sure that there is some usefulness for those who would like something useful I will try to share some practical approaches. And I will try to do so by taking actual situations and not just abstract notions.

By the way I will be speaking in another forum on a related topic at about the same time but with a special interest in VSM and so in this one, although I will refer to Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model, it will not be the main focus.