Illuminate — The Systems Sanctuary

Always worth keepoing an eye on all the work and offers from the Systems Sanctuary – – along with the big developments in the ‘developing the field of systems change’ space, below.

An Invitation: Gather for Illuminate’s Solstice Soirée Luis Alejandro Tapia, Joining us as Illuminate’s ‘Network Doula’. Monday June 21 @ 1 – 3 pm pm EST RSVP below.

Illuminate — The Systems Sanctuary

Illuminate: Cultivating the field of systems change practice


An Invitation: Gather for Illuminate’s Solstice Soirée

Monday June 21 @ 1 – 3 pm pm EST

RSVP below.

Online gathering to celebrate and find out more

An invitation to connect to Illuminate at a pivotal stage. Over the last 18 months, we have launched inquiries, new nodes and learning communities.  We have leveraged our collective networks to engage more deeply and more internationally, to meet the needs of the emerging field of systems change in its many expressions and practices. 

We invite you to join us for an Illuminate gathering where we will share our learnings, celebrate our wins, and invite collaborators to our network of Illuminators.

Learn about our call for proposals and inquiries

We will be sharing a call for proposals/action to invite new nodes and inquires into the work of Illuminate. RSVP FOR ILLUMINATE’S SOLSTICE SOIRÉE HERE

Introducing Luis Alejandro, Network Doula

Luis Alejandro, has spent the last year supporting the strategy development of Illuminate, and he is now stepping into his new role as Network Doula.

He will lead the design and hosting of the Solstice event.

About Illuminate

What’s the deal?

Illuminate is a collaborative network designed to connect people committed to cultivating the field and practice of systems change towards a just, equitable and regenerative future for all.

We, Tatiana and Rachel (The Systems Sanctuary) have been involved in this field building initiative since its inception In June 2018.

The Systems Sanctuary’s role in the network

Specifically Tatiana has Chaired the Stewardship Group for 18 months and she and Rachel have acted as a ‘start-up crew’, kicking off various nodes in the network including:

  • Working with Anna Birney to kick off the Learning node – where all the leads of different nodes come together to learn and the funders node.
  • Led on branding, positioning and website development
  • Both served on the Stewardship group
  • Set-up processes for how we work together as collaborative partners
  • Led an equity working group to integrate intersectional lens across Illuminate
  • Led on financial strategy, model development & secured funding
  • Led a strategy working group
  • Setup fiduciary partners in different regions

Background to Illuminate

Along with Anna Birney (Forum for the Future) and Darcy Ridell (at McConnell at the time), we supported the design and co-convening of an event on Wasan Island, Canada.

Here we brought together practitioners, academics, and funders to explore together how we might work together to build the field of systems change.

The outcome of this was a report and the beginnings of a network of people who’d been working on building the field in different contexts’ and wanted to explore ‘what could we do together that we can’t do alone?’