Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking – 1st Edition – Anne Stephens (2015)

Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking By Anne Stephens Copyright Year 2013 Paperback £31.99

Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking – 1st Edition – Anne Stephens – Rout

Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking


Anne Stephens

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ISBN 9781138952829Published September 18, 2015 by Routledge144 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book brings together two vitally important strands of 20th-century thinking to establish a set of simple and elegant principles for planning, project design and evaluation. It explains the backgrounds of cultural ecofeminism and critical systems thinking, and what we find when they are systematically compared. Both theories share a range of concepts, have a strong social justice ethic, and challenge the legacy of modernity. The book takes theory into practice. The value of the emergent principles of feminist-systems thinking are described and demonstrated through four chapters of case studies in community development settings. The principles can be used to influence project design and outcomes across a range of disciplines including project management, policy, health, education, and community development. This book has much to offer practitioners who seek to create more socially just and equitable project and research outcomes.

Table of Contents

Part A  1. Introduction  2. Ecofeminism and Systems Theory  3. Comparing and Contrasting Ecofeminism and Systems Thinking  4. Principles of Feminist-Systems Thinking.  Part B  5. Case Study 1: Exploring FST Principles in Community Development: The Carrot on a Stick Early Health Intervention Program  6. Case Study 2: The Yarrabah Kinship Gardens  7. Case Study 3: Evaluating Changes: Community Awareness Growth and Change  8. Case Study 4: Greening the Economy: Mapping and Identifying Ways to Transform a Regional Economy  9. Drawing Conclusions and the Value of the Feminist-Systems Thinking Framework 



Anne Stephens is a Senior Researcher with The Cairns Institute at James Cook University.