Lee Kee Kok – Life and thought 20210415 – YouTube

In the www.systemschanges.com chat on chat.diglife.coop, David Ing says:

Keekok Lee was interviewed in April 2021 by the Global University for Sustainability, at https://youtu.be/BmaOTvwg2R8?t=3507 . I listened to the whole talk (while bicycling), and have provided the link with the index to 58m27s of a rather long life history running 1h52m40s. I’m a completist, so I didn’t mind the first hour going back about family history (there’s are variations on the surname Lee in Chinese), and hearing about her childhood growing up in Malaysia. Keekok attended the University of Malaya (that would become the National University of Singapore).

At the halfway point of the recording, the question turns to Chinese philosophy, and Keekok going to Oxford U. to study for a B.Phil. She was thoroughly trained in the tradition of analytic philosophy in the British Empire. (She traces the idea that “there’s no such thing as Chinese philosophy” back to Kant, and then chains that forward to Heidegger)

It wasn’t until she retired that Keekok turned to looking into Chinese philosophy. She relates some personal stories (e.g. her son having a spleen injury that was treated by a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who happened to be visiting in Manchester). The net is that the books published by Keekok are relatively recent, well-researched, and don’t require digging back further in history to understand background.