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My earlier use of ‘reblog’ in WordPress didn’t make it clear that this blog is from a valued colleague, not myself. I will be more careful in future. The link does go to Belinda’s blog:

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A short reflection on the relevance of cancer to systems thinking

Since I was diagnosed with cancer 9 weeks ago I’ve thought a lot about what my experience can teach me about complexity and systems. Not every day. Some days I’ve curled up into a small ball, and wished cancer – and the diabetes that it caused, and the chemo that accompanies it, and the existential questions about life, death and the pursuit of happiness – would all just go away. But I was a systems thinker before I was a cancer patient. I see connections everywhere. I work with people trying to develop systems leadership approaches, explore systems thinking and gather evidence about how it is to work in uncertain, complex and volatile contexts.

Much of what I’m going through has relevance for systems work.

#1: Complex Identities

Taking up a systems leadership role isn’t a binary choice. Leaders…

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