What the hell is systems | complexity | cybernetics anyway?

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UPDATE — slides, video, notes now in edited post at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_systems-convening-systems-practice-systems-activity-6942014940794789888-c6He

Today I’m doing a one-hour talk (see https://q.health.org.uk/event/systems-convening-systems-thinking-and-systems-practice-with-ben-taylor/ – you can still join if you see this when I publish – and you can see the board at bit.ly/systems3board at any time) on how systems practices and systems thinking can link in to the wonderful social learning that Bev and Etienne Weger-Trayner identified in their Systems Convening book.

They discovered people who make a difference:

“You may not have heard about them; what they do is rarely in their job description. You may not even be aware of what they do; they tend to act as enablers rather than taking credit or seeking the spotlight. But they are here— working on sustainable change, across challenging silos, in complex social landscapes, amid changing circumstances. We call them systems conveners.

“Their stance is both visionary and pragmatic. They look at the social landscape…

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