Moving to

The content from from December 2017 has been moved to  The experiment will gradually be quiesced.

Benjamin P. Taylor ( @antlerboy ) has moved over to (based on the platform) at the end of 2015, after the community on LinkedIn was threatened with a shutdown.  The site accumulated a community.  In early January 2018, the technical administrator for told Benjamin that he would be unable to continue to support the community, and would help them to move elsewhere.

Benjamin reached out to me, and asked if I could help archive the site.  Thus, there is now a archive preserved as a static site at

In addition, the community has accepted my invitation move over to  In doing so, I suggested to Benjamin that the partnership should move over onto a fully-supported infrastructure, so all of the feature of the O2 project (e.g. @reply) would become available.  Migrating the content from to has been relatively easy, although registration processes and menus are changing a bit.

So, everyone who registered on should soon be receiving an invitation to become an author on  If anyone happens across this message, and wants to join the community over at , it will be a two-step process.  First become a follower, and then request the permission to become an author.  We are taking this precaution in an effort to reduce potential spam, as SysCoI has always been designed as a platform where e-mail subscription is a good option.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the experiment!  Welcome to