The Systems Community of Inquiry is a worldwide network of systems thinkers, scientists and practitioners.

This SysCoI Stream was migrated in January 2018, based on an experiment started at in June 2017.  These instances have been based on WordPress O2, a communications tools first used internally by WordPress developers in 2009, extensively revised in 2013, and then released to the open source community in 2015.

This site also archives the content from at

The prior SysCoI Commons was implemented in 2010 on Buddypress, and stabilized in 2013 due to technological complexity.  Some of the 2010-2013 content has been preserved on the Internet Archive.

The expected advantages of WordPress O2 over Buddypress are a simpler interface, and a lower maintenance.

This platform is intended as an open source alternative to commercially-operated social networks, controlled by economic interests.  Since written content is a creative work that implicitly receives copyright protection, authors should appreciate that contributing a post or comment is subject to licensing under Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Sharealike conditions. However, we often quote appropriate sections of source materials in the introduction to links (this is a true ‘weblog’ – sharing links to useful material), and these are not covered by this license, but by their original licenses which you can find at the linked sites.

Some slides on O2 from the Wordcamp 2013 meeting give a context about the use of the technology.