SCiO Birmingham Systems Café (Refreshments available) Thu, 8 Mar 2018, evening

Systems Café (Refreshments available)

by SCiO – Systems and Cybernetics in Organisation


If you’ve been frustrated by seeing situations at work or elsewhere in the world going wrong in the same way over and over again then, without knowing it, you’ve probably experienced a systems law in operation. If you’re interested in learning more about the insight made possible through understanding how systems work, why not join us for an evening Systems Café event to learn about systems thinking and try applying it to some of the news topics of the day or your own management issues?

This Systems Café is organised by SCiO. SCiO is a community of systems practitioners who believe that traditional approaches to running organisations are responsible for many of the problems we see today. We believe that systems approaches to designing and running organisations offer radically new and better alternatives. We have run quarterly Open Meetings (mini-conferences) and Development Days for some years. Systems Cafés are a new initiative to help support Systems Practitioners and others interested in learning about Systems approaches and practice.

£2 fee towards refreshments


“In systems thinking… understanding proceeds from the whole to its parts, not from the parts to the whole as knowledge does.” – Russell Ackoff

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