The Systems View of Life: Dr Fritjof Capra delivers the second Annual Mike Jackson Lecture on Systems Thinking, Hull University 17 April 2018

17 April 2018, 6-7:30pm

 Allam Lecture Theatre, Hull University Business School

The Centre for Systems Studies invites you to the second Annual Mike Jackson Lecture on Systems Thinking to be delivered by Dr Fritjof Capra, the internationally celebrated award winning writer, scientist, educator and activist.

This year’s lecture is about the cultural transformation that is taking place in science and society as we are confronted with the grand challenge of our times: to build and nurture sustainable communities in the midst of the current global crisis.

Capra maintains that ‘There are solutions to the major problems of our time; some of them even simple. But they require a radical shift in our perceptions, our thinking, our values. And, indeed, we are now at the beginning of such a fundamental change of worldview in science and society, a change of paradigms as radical as the Copernican revolution. Unfortunately, this realisation has not yet dawned on most of our political leaders, who are unable to “connect the dots,” to use a popular phrase.’

He will take us through the new understanding of life in terms of complexity, networks, and patterns of organisation that have emerged at the forefront of science, leading to a new vision of reality and a new understanding of the social implications of this cultural transformation for dealing with our global ecological crisis and the continuation of life on Earth.

The Annual Mike Jackson Lecture has been made possible by the support of University of Hull honorary graduate, Dr Andrew Chen. It is in recognition of the work of Professor Mike Jackson OBE, founding Dean of Hull University Business School, who served from 1999 until 2011 and is world-renowned for his work applying systems thinking to management.

About the Speaker

Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., physicist and systems theorist, is a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California and serves on the Council of Earth Charter International. He is the author of several international bestsellers, including The Tao of Physics, The Web of Life, and The Hidden Connections. He has coauthored, with Pier Luigi Luisi, the multidisciplinary textbook, The Systems View of Life, on which his online course ( is based.

Capra was the first subject of the BBC’s documentary series, Beautiful Minds, and is the focus of over 60 television interviews and documentaries in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan. He has featured in major newspapers and magazines internationally. His many awards include the American Book Award, Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, Gold Medal of the UK Systems Society, the Media Ecology Association’s Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity, Leonardo da Vinci Medallion of Honor, Bioneers Award, New Dimensions Broadcaster Award, and the Gold IndieFab Award from Foreword Reviews.

About The Centre for Systems Studies

The Centre for Systems Studies is the Faculty for Business, Law and Politics nexus for inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research on complex socio-economic systems. As an international centre of excellence for ground breaking research on systems thinking and practice, the Centre has strong links with other research institutes and with practitioners in public, private and third-sector organisations.

The Centre’s research is concerned with advancing the understanding of systemic phenomena in our inter-connected world– from the emergence of local community action and business ecosystems through to the impact of global policy interventions and climate change. This work is critical for addressing complex problem situations and anticipating the (often unintended) consequences of interventions, and for designing structures, actions and strategies for innovation, resilience and sustainability in dynamic contexts.

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