It takes a system to change a system

Systems Leadership, Lessons & Learning

“….how would it be to have a space in which we as systems leadership developers, could come together and discuss our work?”

At the end of another day working with healthcare leaders intent on leading more effectively across their care system, one of the participants came up to me.

“I wanted to ask you,” she started, and then stopped.

pens 2

I glanced up from packing away my pens. She went on,

“The thing is…aren’t we just setting people up to fail?”

“Mmm…in what way?”

“Well, we come to a class like this and it’s great…we explore systems thinking, and the challenges of leading in systems, and we think about the behaviours of good system leaders – collaborating, listening to each other, valuing difference, adapting to VUCA conditions, asking questions – and then we go back with all that energy into our organisations and nobody wants to know…people talk over…

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