The big bang of equity + systems change — the outside – Tuesday Ryan-Hart

The big bang of equity + systems change


By bringing fresh air to persistent challenges, we can transcend overwhelm to make a better world together. That’s what we do at THE OUTSIDE: we help collaborators get unstuck with unforgettably pivotal events, capacity-building, and strategy that sparks significant change. Today, we explore the critical ingredient to change that makes a difference: equity. —Tuesday

A conscious practice of equitable systems change often begins with a bang—an abrupt coming-to, a sad realization, a peak of failure or outcry or injustice. Something urgent enough to make us realize the effectiveness and relevance of our systems is diminishing exponentially. From higher up than we have before, we examine the way we live and realize we have more questions than answers.

It dawns on us: the systems governing much of our world are suddenly not as successful as some of us had presumed they should be. Today, this awareness is rapidly shifting:

  • Our concept of capitalism
  • How we instinctively build cities, products, or democracies
  • How we administer education, poverty relief, natural resources, or human rights
  • How we control, design, and deliver the modern world through our bureaucracies, organizations, and institutions

As society’s peripheral vision expands to acknowledge the innate value, presence, and contributions of more people, those with a legacy of privilege can see what marginalized communities have always seen—that ‘everything is fine’ applies to a shrinking minority. Everything is, quite plainly, not fine.  source

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