The march of self-reference – Felix Geyer (pdf)

Via Ivo Velitchkov

The march of self-reference
Felix Geyer
Honorary President, Research Committee on Sociocybernetics,
International Sociological Association

Keywords Cybernetics, Individual behavior, Social systems Abstract Focuses on the issue of increasing environmental and societal complexity, and its effects on the individual, especially visible in the increase of self-reference (the commonalities between man, animals and machines). Distinguishes three meanings of self-reference and discusses the interrelationships between self-reference, alienation, and growing societal complexity: states that, especially in the last few decades of this secular age, there has been increasing incidence of self- reference. Also discusses the relationship between self-reference, constructivism, and modern brain research. Asserts that the march of self-reference is likely to continue, but that it will change in character.


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