About Us – North Camden Zone for Children & Young People

Our Mission

A third of children in North Camden are living in poverty. We want to improve the life outcomes for all children and young people growing up in North Camden. We will optimise the conditions for citizens and professionals to achieve systems change and co-create a better future for the current and the next generation.

Our Aim

We want to build a movement of people that live, work and play, who are passionate about wanting to improve the lives of children in Camden, and have a shared vision and purpose to create sustainable change in North Camden. We want to build an active network of changemakers who want to work together differently.

Our Approach

Our work will be underpinned by systems change theory.

Poverty is a complex social problem that requires a radically different way of working. In order to understand and achieve change we need to look at the whole picture.

We need to understand how the systems are organised and interconnected.

There are many services, agencies and organisations working with and for children, young people and families in Camden doing valuable work and delivering positive outcomes. However, the way the system is structured is perpetuating economic inequality, poorer life outcomes and fewer opportunities for some of the children, young people and families living in Camden.

In order to improve the life chances of all children, young people and families, community members and professionals need to commit to taking collective responsibility and action to enable positive change. We need to take a step back, listen to the community, understand what needs to be improved, identify where intervention is most needed and better align how we all work together as a whole system.

Children, young people and families are also actors within the system who need to be at the centre of how we understand and co-design new ways of working. They are the experts with lived experience.

North Camden Zone uses an asset based community development approach. We support communities to release their potential, engage in social action and support one another. We will also work with partner organisations to broker their support and unlock the physical and resource assets in the Camden to benefit the community, and support local innovation.

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