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System change consulting skills programme

Healthcare leaders are increasingly required to facilitate transformational change in and across their system and organisations, often without power or authority.

The network of Northern Leadership Academies in the North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humber have collaborated to offer an in-place programme for leaders tasked with transformational change within the system. This programme has been designed to challenge and support leaders to develop their confidence, skills and mindset to work in a ‘change consultant’ capacity when engaging in organisational, cross-organisation and system change transformation and programmes of work.

Invitation to apply

Senior healthcare professionals working on a transformational change project or leading/supporting a strategic, complex system change are invited to apply. Alternatively, you may be a senior OD/HR or transformation professional working in and/or supporting others with transformational change projects? For example:

  • a clinician leading transformation programmes associated with The Sustainability Transformation Planning (STP) / Integrated Care Systems (ICS) / Accountable Care Organisation (ACS) new models of care, primary care home
  • a senior leader working to strategically transform their organisation.
  • a system change leader working across organisations
  • a senior OD/HR and transformation professional working in strategic OD

This programme will provide you with an intensive development experience designed to extend your confidence and skills to step into a system change leadership role utilising a system change consulting approach.

About the programme

The programme is highly experiential, using live, real time system transformation challenges experienced by participants. Learning is highly practical and can be readily applied between modules and in on-going work supported by a vibrant network of peer consultants.

Being an enabler and leader of transformational change across a system draws on a blend of relationally based consultancy skills, mindset, processes and techniques. How we connect with and relate to others impacts our ability to influence. Impactful and effective systems change agency isn’t simply about advocating a point of view, but rather how you choose to use your informal authority and presence to benefit the wider system.

The programme will help you to:

  • Be a confident, competent and courageous system change leader who can collaborate well, and influence system change and transformation ‘in place’ across your local healthcare system
  • Share the benefits of taking a more consultative and relationship-based approach to system-wide transformation, and follow a consultancy-led process
  • Have greater levels of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how you impact others, how to use yourself more effectively to enable transformation and change, and identify your future development needs
  • Develop your perspective and mindset as to what creates successful transformation across the system and draw on a range of tools and approaches to assist you.
  • Identify how you could use your skills as a change leader and facilitator to work at a system level and support system-wide transformation outside your current organisation in the future.

There is an expectation that following the programme you will be more involved in working across your local healthcare system to support wider system transformation projects or work-streams.

Application process

Participation on the programme is dependent on a successful application , submitted by 25 July 2018. Participants should have ready opportunity for involvement in systems change/transformation projects

For further information contact in the first instance.

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