An Interactive Introduction to Attractor Landscapes – Nicky Case

[oh, this is splendid! from the bloke who does Loopy, the wisdom and/or madness of clouds, etc – ]

why things change, or don’t


an interactive introduction to

playing time: ~5 minutes  ·  by nicky case, may 2018

A peaceful movement fights against violence and oppression for years, and nothing much changes. Then, everything changes.

Why do many complex systems – cultures, environments, economies – seem stuck (or if good, “stable”) despite lots of effort to change them? And why, when change does come, it seems to cascade (or if bad, “collapse”) all at once?

There’s a tool that can help us understand this: attractor landscapes. 

Or, in less fancy words: “a ball rolling down some hills”. This tool was first created in the field of physics, but has since been used to help us understand genetics, neuroscience, political alliances, and more!

I’ll explain attractors using an environmental example. Let’s say you’re fishing on a small, sucky pond. You can exhaust your natural resources of fish pretty easily…

More, including interactive shizzle, in source: An Interactive Introduction to Attractor Landscapes