Con/versations Fall/Winter 2017 – cybernetics: state of the art



vol. 1 Fall/Winter 2017

edited by liss c. werner

cybernetics: state of the art

Liss C. Werner is an architect. She is Assistant Professor for Cybernetics and computational Architecture at the Institute of Architecture at Technical University Berlin, Germany, where she is leading the cyberphysical systems research group. Werner has been specializing in cybernetics in architecture and Gordon Pask since 2002. She is a member of eCAADe and the American Society of Cybernetics and founder of Tactile Architecture- – offce für Systemarchitektur.


raoul bunschoten
liss c. werner
raúl espejo
paul pangaro
kristian kloeckl
michael hohl
tim jachna
arun jain
delfna fantini van ditmar

Cybernetics is “a discipline which flls the bill insofar as the abstract concepts of cybernetics can be interpreted in architectural terms (and where appropriate, identifed with real architectural systems), to form a theory (architectural cybernetics, the cybernetic theory of architecture).”
Gordon Pask, 1969

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