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  • These materials are offered with the desire to make them available to the widest possible audience. The files are large PDFs with variable download times and variable visual quality. They may be searched using the usual “find” functions in PDF readers. Last updated June 20, 2018.

Details of Pask’s cybernetic machines, Musicolour and Colloquy of Mobiles

A Comment, A Case History, and a Plan”, in Cybernetic Serendipity, J. Reichardt, (Ed.), Rapp and Carroll, 1970. Reprinted in Cybernetics, Art and Ideas, Reichardt, J., (Ed.) Studio Vista, London, 1971, 76-99.

Review of Pask’s approach to conversation, its embodiment and representation

The Limits of Togetherness”, Proceedings, Invited Keynote address to IFIP, World Congress in Tokyo and Melbourne, Editor, S. Lavington. Amsterdam, New York, Oxford: North holland Pub. Co., 1980, 999-1012.

On the nature of goal-directed systems (Heinz von Foerster’s favorite Pask paper)

The meaning of cybernetics in the behavioural sciences”, reprinted in Progress of Cybernetics, edited by J. Rose, 1969.

Critique of Computer-Aided Instruction from 1972, still valid today

Anti-Hodmanship: a Report on the State and Prospects of CAI”, in Programmed Learning and Educational Technology, Volume 9, No. 5, September 1972, p.235-244.

Foundational reading on Pask’s approach to learning

Conversational Techniques in the Study and Practice of Education”, in British Journal of Educational Psychology, Volume 46, I, 1976, 12-25.

Continuation of prior paper, about distinguishing different types of learning

Styles and Strategies of Learning”, in British Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol 46, II, 128-148, 1976.

Later review by Pask of his approach to learning and teaching

Learning Strategies, Teaching Strategies, and Conceptual or Learning Style”, in Schmeck, R. (Ed.), Learning Strategies and Learning Styles, Plenum Publishing Corp., New York, 1988.

For a general audience, Pask on anthropological applications in the here-and-now

Conversation and Support”, Inaugural Address presented 30 November 1987 on the occasion of assuming responsibility as guest professor in General Andragological Sciences.

Critique of social science

Against Conferences” or “The Poverty of Reduction in Sop-Science and Pop-Systems”, Proceedings, Silver Anniversary International Meeting of Society for General Systems Research, London, August 1979, Washington: SGSR, xii-xxv.

In-Depth Papers by Pask/Requiring more investment

Thorough review of Conversation Theory

Developments in Conversation Theory—Part 1”, in International Journal of Man-Machine Studies [now International Journal of Human-Computer Studies] 13, 357-411, 1980

Concise description of applications of Conversation Theory and its protologic, Lp

Developments in Conversation Theory: Actual and Potential Applications”, International Congress on Applied Systems Research and Cybernetics, Acapulco, Mexico, December 1980

Formal view of Conversation Theory construed as an architecture of conversation

Artificial Intelligence: A Preface and a Theory”, published as introduction to chapter entitled “Aspects of Machine Intelligence” in Soft Architecture Machines, edited by Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Press, 1976. (See also a simpler description of the framework.)

Review of Pask’s knowledge representation scheme called “entailment meshes”

An Essay on the Kinetics of Language, Behavior and Thought”, Proceedings, Silver Anniversary International Meeting of Society for General Systems Research, London, August 1979, Washington: SGSR, 111-128.

A theory of consciousness and its mechanisms

Consciousness”, Proceedings 4th European Meeting on Cybernetics and System research, Linz, Austria, March 1978, in Journal of Cybernetics, Washington: Hemisphere, 1980, 211-258.

Further elaboration of the topic of previous paper

“Organisational Closure of Potentially Conscious Systems”, Proceedings NATO Congress on Applied General Systems Research, Recent Developments and Trends, Binghamton, New York 1977; and Realities Conference, EST Foundation, San Fransisco 1977. Reprinted in Autopoiesis, Editor, M. Zelany. New York: North Holland Elsevier.

Cybernetics of interaction, precursor to interaction models of Conversation Theory

Comments on the Cybernetics of Ethical, Psychological and Sociological Systems”, in Progress in Bio-Cybernetics, Volume 3 (Norbert Weiner Memorial Volume), J.P.Shade (ed.). Elsevier Press, 1966, p.158-250.

Early views on interactive media experiences based on a cybernetic model

Proposals for a Cybernetic Theatre”, privately circulated monograph (System Research Ltd and Theatre Workshop), 1964.

Cybernetic view of the process of design, including commentary on Musicolour

The conception of a shape and the evolution of a design”, conference on Design Methods, September 1962, J. C. Jones and D. G. Thornley, editors. London: Pergamon Press 1963.

Cellular automata as basis for simulated evolution

A proposed evolutionary model”, reprinted in Principles of Self-Organisation, H. von Foerster and G. Zopf, editors. London: Pergamon Press, 1961.

Mathematics of self-organizing networks including electro-chemical threads

The Natural History of Networks“, reprinted in Self-Organizing Systems, M. C. Yovits and S. Cameron, editors. London: Pergamon Press, 1960.

Early paper on chemical computing

Physical Analogues to the Growth of a Concept”, reprinted in Mechanisation of Thought Processes, A. Uttley (ed.). London: HMSO, 1959, p.877-922.

Pask’s Books/Maximum Investment

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