Partial Derivatives and Partial Narratives

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[Note: The idea needs a lot more work, I’m just throwing this half-cooked metaphor on the wall to see if it sticks]

Hold on to your hats, we’re going to talk about calculus! Or rather, we’re going to talk about ideologies and worldviews and how they’re very vaguely like calculus.

In math, a function describes how a variable depends on another. If we have y = 3x, that means that we can get the value of y by multiplying x by 3. Easy.

Taking the derivative of a function gives us another function that, when evaluated, grants not the value of y but how y changes when x changes. The derivative of y = 3x, for instance is dy/dx = 3. When x increases, y increases three times as much. It doesn’t depict how y is a result of x, but how y:s rate and direction of…

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