The Pavlov Strategy / Contrite Strategies and The Need For Standards – Sarah Constantin, LessWrong 2.0

Epistemic Status: Common knowledge, just not to meThe Evolution of Trust [] is a deceptively friendlylittle interactive game. Near the end, there’s a “sandbox” evolutionary gametheory simulator. It’s pretty flexible. You can do quick experiments in itwithout writing code. I highly recommend playing around.One of the things that surprised me was a strategy the game calls Simpleton,also known in the literature as Pavlov. In certain conditions, it works prettywell —… (Read more)

Source: The Pavlov Strategy – LessWrong 2.0


Epistemic Status: ConfidentThere’s a really interesting paper from 1996 called The Logic of Contrition[], which I’ll summarizehere. In it, the authors identify a strategy called “Contrite Tit For Tat”,which does better than either Pavlov or Generous Tit For Tat in IteratedPrisoner’s Dilemma.In Contrite Tit For Tat, the player doesn’t only look at what he and the otherplayer played on the last term, but also another variable, thestandingof theplayers, whi… (Read more)

Source: Contrite Strategies and The Need For Standards – LessWrong 2.0