Systems leader in need of support?


Source: Systems leader in need of support?


You are a working on systems change. At times it feels isolating, overwhelming and you’re not clear what move to make next.

You could really do with a place for thinking, reflection and support.

The Systems Sanctuary was designed with you in mind.

We host virtual, peer-mentoring programs for systems leaders like you to:

  • Share your unique challenges
  • Learn new tools and techniques and
  • Build an international network of new friends who can support you
We prioritize participation from people who are working from lived experience of unjust and unhealthy systems, and we welcome applications from people all over the world.
  • Early Bird price till 18 January 2019
  • Final deadline for applications 25 January 2019

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“Warm and human facilitation, good structure, sense of openness. The huge diversity of work people are undertaking was stimulating and inspiring” ”


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Peer support for systems leaders focused on climate change

Working on climate systems change from intersecting angles including renewable energy, food production, climate justice, gender equity and finance and at least two years into their work.

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Peer support for women of systems change amid life transition

Open to women of all ages and who have been, or are beginning to work in, systems change. We encourage women and women identified participation of all ages to apply.

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Peer support for systems leaders at least two years into their work

Previous applicants have worked on economic development, food security, immigration, aging, criminal justice system, to cross cutting topics like racism, gender equity, health and education.

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Peer support for systems leaders at least 2 years in, living in Australia or New Zealand

Many of our applicants come from Aus/NZ so we’ve created an In the Thick of It Cohort designed specifically to build the ecosystem of systems changers in the region.Find out more

What do you know about systems leadership?

Read our new publication, highlighting key themes on the challenge of systems leadership from our first Cohort of In the Thick of It, 2018.
Find out more about what we think it takes to lead systems practice. Our research on systems Capabilities and Capacities.