Creating greatness in the realm beyond systems thinking – Jack Martin Leith

“Left field consultant” Jack Martin Leith (Jack Martin Leith | Special Projects | Leith SP) is a curator of content after my own heart, and contributes his own content too.

This piece – pdf – – builds on his personal biography (a useful reminder of what co-curator here, David Ing, says – there’s not so much ‘systems thinking’ as there are constellations of thinking, learning reading, personality, and influence around people). I draw particular attention to this because I usually give pretty short shrift to ‘post-systemic’ stuff, because it usually assumes that ‘systems thinkers’ are working in deterministic/mechanistic terms (and those who claim this often do so themselves). And occasionally, it points to ‘systems in the mind’ misleading versus ‘systems in the world’.

However, this piece gives a nice perspective on ‘post-systemic thinking’ which opens up some interesting possibilities.