The Alberta CoLab: the uncut edition – Keren Perla – Medium

Building a Next Generation Public and Social Innovation Lab Model

Source: The Alberta CoLab: the uncut edition – Keren Perla – Medium


The Alberta CoLab: the uncut edition

A Retrospective on Building a Next Generation Innovation Lab Model

Perhaps you’ve also been there: at the beginning of something new; bold and fearless in the face of opposition and hopeful at the possibility of sparking real change.

This is very much where we were in 2014, when the stars aligned and the Government of Alberta officially launched the Alberta CoLab — one of the first Public and Social Innovation Labs (hereafter Labs) in Canada. Two years later, co-founder and good friend Dr. Alex Ryan penned the Alberta CoLab Story in which he openly reflects on the creation of a government-wide service for systemic design and foresight. He also reflects on the highs and the lows faced by the team working to integrate a counter-intuitive and counter-cultural approach to policy development into a bureaucratic world of risk-based approvals, results-based budgets, and efficiency gains. It’s an insightful piece outlining what made the CoLab unique and its early impact.

Today, the Alberta CoLab continues to function as permanent government design team, but “by design” it does so with a dramatically different focus and mandate. This is a three part retrospective that looks back on the past five years of the CoLab and examines why, at the height of our success, we went back to the drawing board to reimagine it all over again.

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