Opportunities to experience the power+systems workshop – in person in June (Brighton, UK) and innovative ‘webinar’ sessions in April

John Watters, the man behind these opportunities, is the person who has done more than anyone, I think, to bring Barry Oshry’s power+systems work and insights to the UK.

There are three opportunities to understand this deeply experiential theory – two of them innovative, short online sessions, timed for people in most of the world to be able to join – and one in the UK for a full day in person:

Webinars on Wed 3 April:

07:30-09:30 British Summer Time: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/empowering-the-whole-system-distributed-leadership-in-action-tickets-57676664456

15:00-17:00 BST Empowering the Whole System – Distributed Leadership in Action Tickets, Wed 3 Apr 2019 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

In person Friday 14 June 2019



Blurb below is from the ‘webinar’ version – click the links above for prices, more info, and to book.


Empowering the Whole System – Distributed Leadership in Action

Discover the power of Barry Oshry’s work
See how context shapes behaviour
Lead with systems insight

Barry Oshry‘s powerful work on system dynamics reveals how context shapes behaviour and consciousness – what we see, think and feel about ourselves and others.

Oshry’s work highlights that the problems we believe to be personal or interpersonal – “I’m not being effective in my role”, “If only I had a better boss, things would be OK”,”We’re not a good team“ – are not primarily personal problems. The workshop illuminates how our blindness to contextkills trust, increases blame, corrodes potentially supportive and productive relationships and stops us from making a reality of distributed leadership.

This facilitated online workshop uses an experiential simulation to briefly immerse people in three leadership contexts that we encounter every day. We explore how we blindly fall into limiting patterns of behaviour and we highlight the empowering actions that are possible in each context. Distributed leadership sees an organisation as an interconnected whole where each part has unique power to contribute to the survival and vitality of the system. Oshry’s work throws new light on what constrains and enables distributed leadership.

What can you expect?

  • An engaging and thought-provoking workshop.
  • Experiential work and dialogue with some of the world’s leading practitioners of this approach.
  • Identifying next steps to deepen your systems leadership

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the impact of context on leadership behaviours and actions.
  • Gain new insights into how to make distributed leadership a reality.
  • Have tasted the breadth and depth of Barry Oshry’s work.

Who is leading the workshop?

John Watters is one of the leading authorities on Barry Oshry’s systems leadership work having worked closely with Barry Oshry for 20 years. John uses this framework in his consulting work with organisations of all sizes and sectors across the world. He specialises in working with complex challenges that involve multiple stakeholders; creating the conditions for fundamental shifts in performance and realising personal and organisational purpose. John is Managing Director of Living Leadership, Associate of Future Considerations and Senior Associate of Power+Systems.

Ali Warner is an Associate of Future Considerations and Living Leadership, and an experienced trainer in all of Barry Oshry’s frameworks. She specialises in arts-based facilitation practices including graphic harvesting, creating eye-catching hosting materials and leading voice & body work, which she offers in a wide range of contexts from large organisations to community groups. She also performs as a singer, with a particular focus on traditional song and experimental free improvisation.

Julie Beedon is Director of JBVista, an accredited trainer in the Organisation Workshop and a long-time collaborator of Barry Oshry. Julie brings a passion, energy and depth of experience in applying whole systems change principles and is a pioneer in the field of working with large groups. Julie is also a Director of the NTL UK OD Certificate Programme and on the Board of ODN Europe.

For any questions, please contact: angela@futureconsiderations.com

Testimonials about the Organisation Workshop

“Insightful, moving. The best training I’ve ever taken part in.”

Emma Kenny, Head of Strategy, National Citizen Service, UK

“It’s easy to underestimate the power of Oshry’s work until you have taken this workshop. It was a life changing experience. You will find instant applications to both your personal and professional life.”

Seema Malhotra, MP for Feltham and Weston, UK

“The Organisation Workshop is an astonishing and reliable process. I’ve experienced it in several different cultures and amongst very different people. It never fails to reveal the dynamics of leadership and power in organisations that are universal.”

Margaret J, Wheatley PhD, Author, Who Do you Choose to Be?