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An Invitation to the 63rd Annual Meeting from ISSS President Peter Tuddenham

Registration is now open. The conference website is located at

​Science searches for answers to the mysteries that confront us as living beings. For over 60 years, the work of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) in the ‘general systems’ field has been to encourage the development of theoretical systems which are applicable to more than one of the traditional departments of knowledge.Recognizing our embeddedness in nature provides ways to investigate the common patterns or ‘isomorphies’ of concepts, laws, and models in various fields, and to help in useful transfers from one field to another.  Understanding and appreciating these patterns is key to the development of systems-literate people able to make robust decisions and act in complex situations, considering relationships and effects of systems of all kinds and at all levels.

As President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences I would like to invite you to join us at our 63rd Annual Meeting and Conference “Nature’s Enduring Patterns: A Path to Systems Literacy” at Oregon State University In Corvallis Oregon USA June 28-July 2. Registration is now open, as is the system for submitting abstracts of work you would like to present at the annual meeting. The conference website is located at

Call for Papers

Please go to to register for the Conference.  We invite you submit your work at the conference; there are many streams available, led by chairs of our special integration groups and exploratory groups. And we also invite submissions for additional sessions and workshops. The Call for submissions is located at and full details on submitting an abstract (and paper) are listed at Papers are published in our online Proceedings, and submissions processed, at

The conference will have opportunities for plenary participative engagement using ideas from Liberating Structures   and other participative processes. Conference speakers  are from diverse fields of study and application. We will begin by exploring different ways of knowing on the first day. Speakers with education experience in earth, ocean, climate and network topics will discuss successful approaches to literacy, also we will be joined by colleagues from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Geoscience, Data, and Network programs from Organizations and Universities around the world. They will share their experiences with connections between climate and ocean acidification and plastic pollution with system education, change efforts around the globe and the importance of Systems Literacy for all. Speakers will include former ISSS Presidents Mike Jackson, Jennifer Wilby and Len Troncale (who will deliver the Von Bertalanffy lecture). Pille Bunnell will deliver the Ranulph Glanville Lecture.


This email is going to the nearly 2500 people on our ISSS mailing list with news about developments last year and the first couple of months of 2019.  This year promises to be an exciting new year in the continuing evolution of our society to connect members around the world, and to represent, research, educate and communicate about systems sciences, thinking, theories, methods, and approaches.

In December we launched a members-only website at  Please join and log on to create your profile. We invite you to join or re-join the ISSS by going to  You will be able to find other members in the membership directory on that site, which will help our networking together. We also use this website for member-to-member communication.  The society’s main information website is still at

Online SIG Discussion Group: In December 2018, we started a Special Integration Group Session on Saturdays through video conferencing on the Bluejeans system. These conversations are an hour long and offered twice every Saturday at 11am and 11pm Eastern time USA. That is 4pm Saturday and 4am Sunday in the UK and 3am and 3pm Sunday in Australia, for example. These sessions are for members only. More information on this is at  You will need to be a member to login and read the details, get the link to join future sessions, and view recordings of sessions so far.

Links with other Societies: Among several cooperative Memorandum of Understandings held by ISSS is the one with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) to co-develop understanding of systems sciences for systems engineering. Many of us participate in the Systems Science Working Group of INCOSE. I was asked by the Chair of the SSWG James Martin to give a talk on the Grand Vision for Systems Sciences at the recent INCOSE International Workshop in Torrance California. I have recorded a version of the presentation I gave for the web which can be viewed at  It runs for 30 minutes. At the same INCOSE IW meeting we had  a 3-hour workshop on Systems Literacy. That work continues and we hope to develop this topic more over coming months. Please join the efforts. More can be read at  Systems Literacy is a major theme for this year’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Conference at Oregon State University, June 28 – July 2. Please put us on your calendar.

AAAS: ISSS began life as meetings at the American Association for the Advancement of Science  Last year ISSS regained and renewed its affiliation with AAAS. The annual meeting of AAAS in Washington, D.C. was attended by Jennifer Wilby, VP Admin, Janet and Michael Singer (ISSS members) and myself. During those four days, I made a couple of 2-minute videos about our visit and these can be viewed at   We are planning on having a larger presence at next year’s AAAS meeting. Are you interested in working with us on proposals for sessions? The deadline is April 18, 2019. Next year’s meeting is in Seattle.

There are many other plans in the making bubbling along that we can communicate more about in the next few months. Please log on to the website, join or renew your membership in ISSS and meet with us in the SIG conversations on Saturdays. And we hope to meet many of you face-to-face at the Annual Meeting in Corvallis

In ending, I urge you to please consider, and communicate to us, ways in which you can contribute to help build our Society into a worldwide resource and hub for the systems community at large. Our email for conference communication is and you can email me directly at

Thank you

Peter Tuddenham

President ISSS 2018-2019