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In Too Deep PodcastNew Episodes

This month we have two new interviews on the In Too Deep podcast with Sam Rye and Luke Craven that you won’t want to miss.

In our conversation with Sam Rye we touch on a variety of topics – from the role of nature in encouraging greater presence, the importance of an experimental focus, how to combine systems analysis, strategy and prototyping, and why we need to focus far more on relationships.

Luke Craven shares his systems effects methodology, some of the challenges in traditional systems mapping, and secrets for how to bring more of a user understanding of complex systems into social science and policy making practice.

And if you missed our first four episodes, you can listen to them here or search for “In Too Deep” wherever you get your podcasts.

Quick Tips

If you’ve browsed the Kumu docs, you might have stumbled across our Quick Tips, a playlist of 2-5 minute video tutorials on different Kumu concepts and skills. We recently started recording more quick tips; here are some of the latest entries:

Webinar: Mapping the News

Ever read a complex news article and felt like you didn’t quite grasp all the details? Alex (head of customer support at Kumu) has, and he’s come up with a solution: turn the article into a system map!

In a webinar on Tuesday, April 23 at 10am PDT, Alex will demo his approach to mapping articles and talk through some of our thoughts on how to make system maps more readable and approachable. Here are a few resources if you want to dive in ahead of time: