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Power Mapping for Campaigners

Power mapping is a method that visualises how power is exercised in relation to its context and other power players. In order to run effective campaigns, we must be always aware of our relationship to power and how it is operating.

This session will introduce you to the power mapping tool to help you understand current power relationships. From there, we’ll help you develop strategies for shifting those relationships to increase your power, and ultimately shift power relationships to sustain the change you are working to achieve. These tools and methodologies allow your organisation to make more strategic campaign plans, create a shared framework for understanding power, and connect short term campaign strategies to long term goals.

This technique is an extension of the Four Expressions of Power and Forms of Power which campaigners may be familiar with. Our power mapping technique helps you identify and prioritise stakeholders to target for legislative or corporate campaigns. Crucially though, it helps you understand the levers and relational ties between actors. This shows you how you can manoeuvre your campaign or movement and ultimately persuade different actors in ways which will achieve your goal.

Sign up for one of the pay-what-you-can training dates listed below or email hello@thesocialchangeagency.org to request on-site training at your location.

Meet the trainers

Betsy DillnerBetsy Dillner: Betsy has over 10 years of campaigning, fundraising and social change experience. She specialises in developing community leadership and understanding, developing, and ultimately challenging systems of power for social change. She has directed successful user-led campaigns from small charities across the Atlantic that have resulted in bans on letting fees for tenants, the preservation of affordable housing and remuneration for victims of the foreclosure crisis. She won 2017 Campaigner of the Year from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. She is an avid podcast listener and hiker and is a trustee of Generation Rent.

Esther ForemanEsther Foreman: Esther has spent over 15 years working in the not for profit, social enterprise and business sectors, running award-winning campaigns, supporting enterprise and building teams. She founded the Social Change Agency in 2013 with a desire to combine organising, technology, comms and social enterprise to create a leading non sector-specific agency to improve movement building across the world. Esther is a 2011 Clore Social Fellow, 2012 Winston Churchill Fellow and 2013 SSE Fellow and was recently placed in the top Women in Social Enterprise. She is a Trustee of the National MS Society and the House of St Barnabas.

Sara Bloch: Sara has 5 years’ experience in community organising, event management, and informal education. She has worked on community projects aimed at young people for Noam Masorti Youth, Citizens UK, and The Skip Garden. She has also worked as a facilitator for Diversity Role Models teaching about homophobia in schools, and for The Anne Frank Trust educating communities about all forms of prejudice and discrimination. She strongly believes in the power of community to make the change they want to see. She enjoys bringing people together with her love of cooking and food, and has a business selling homemade pickled vegetables. Sara has a BA in Social Sciences and Religious Studies and Comparative Religion from The University of Manchester.

Available Dates:

  • Wednesday 8th May
    10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Ticket Availability:

Details Price Qty
Wednesday 8th May £80.00 (GBP) Quantity

The Ark

The Ark, 237 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9NJ, United Kingdom
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