System Safety: Seven Friends of Intervention – Steven Shorrock

Really good safety thinking has always encompassed sensemaking and systems thinking – and Steven Shorrock is a good example of this.

Humanistic Systems

In this short series, I highlight seven foes and seven friends of system safety, both for explanation and intervention. Each is a concept, meme, or device used in thinking, language, and intervention (reinforced by more fundamental foes that act as barriers to thinking).  They are not the only foes or friends, of course, but they are significant ones that either crop up regularly in discussions and writings about safety, or else – in the case of friends – should do.

In this post, I outline seven friends of intervention. To keep it short (because I usually intend that, but rarely succeed), I limit each explanation to an arbitrary limit of 100 words.

In this series:

  1. Seven foes of explanation in system safety
  2. Seven foes of intervention in system safety
  3. Seven friends of explanation in system safety
  4. Seven friends of intervention in system safety (this post)

18267051428_d56207dd78_k whereisemil CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1. Acceptance of uncertainty

Whether one…

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