Self-Organisation and Kyocera’s Amoeba Management System

Transition Consciousness

A couple of weeks ago Maria and I ran a two-day international seminar on Customer Experiences with Soul at Sustentare Business School in Joinville in the south of Brazil. We love teaching there and we always love discussing Holonomics with the students.

Source: Pixabay

When we discuss cultural transformation, new ways of working, and the evolution of business from command-and-control to more agile ways of working, we always discuss the way in which we can be inspired by the systems we find in nature, one in particular being slime mould.

The picture of Maria above is one of the slides from our seminars, and it asks the question “Why is it that people have so much difficulty behaving like slime mould?”

Slime mould is a fascinating organism to study, since it has two distinctive phases in its lifecycle. When food is plentiful, in the form of bacteria, this species exists…

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