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Jargon Party

Some Definitions and References for terms I used frequently

Source: https://equitymates.com/pardon-the-jargon-1/

Preamble: Today like most days, I was throwing around phrases like bio-mimetic system and multi-mechanism differential game.These words have meanings beyond their buzzword value and I realize those meanings are often lost to listeners. Below is a quick attempt define them publicly, and to provide basic references.

[Gives definition and links for:]

Non-Linear System

Differential Equation

Event Driven Differential Equation

Hybrid System

Differential Game

Hybrid Differential Games

Multi-Player Differential Game

Multi-Mechanism Differential Game

Subpopulation Models

Policy or Dynamic Strategy

Bio-Mimetic System and Bio-Inspired Design

Separation of Time Scales

Engineering Design

Abstractions and Mathematical Models

Hidden and Unobservable States

Initial Conditions

Reachable States or Configuration Space

Boundary Conditions

Stochastic Process

Lyapunov Function or Generalized Energy Function

Analytical Stability