Designing with Society: A Capabilities Approach to Design, Systems Thinking and Social Innovation

Transition Consciousness

Scott Boylston is professor and graduate coordinator of the Design for Sustainability program at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), author of three books, and founder of Emergent Structures. I would like to congratulate to Scott on the launch of his new book Designing with Society. He introduces his book in the following way:

“This is not a design book. It’s a book for designers. Specifically, it’s a book for designers who want to aim the design dictum, “what’s next,” directly at the heart of our own practice. To do so requires an honest look at what might be holding us back. Many say the barriers we still have to transcend exist within our ability to authentically incorporate other disciplines such as anthropology and nanotechnology.

Digging deeper, however, lies the question, “for what purpose?” This question suggests we look inward before looking further outward. It requires we tap into…

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