2011/07/22 ISSS Incoming Presidential Address | Coevolving Innovations – David Ing

A really brilliant meta-overview of some key issues in and about systems thinking from syscoi.com co-host David Ing (from 2011)


Source: 2011/07/22 ISSS Incoming Presidential Address | Coevolving Innovations

2011/07/22 ISSS Incoming Presidential Address

Submitted by daviding on Sat, 12/17/2016 – 22:59

Service Systems, Natural Systems: Sciences in Synthesis — An Outline for a Presidential Address

David Ing, International Society for the Systems Sciences, President, 2011-2012

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This written outline is a complement to the presentation slides presented in the incoming presidential address at 55th Annual Meeting of the ISSS on July 22, 2011. Leading up to the 56th Annual Meeting scheduled for July 2012, members of the society are encouraged to look for towards opportunities where the systems approach can support the development of new perspectives on service science and natural science.

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0: Introduction — Synthesis across the sciences of service systems and natural systems in a systems approach is a promising way to deal with complexity in our world

As we look forward into 2012, I encourage members of the ISSS to continue the development of sciences in synthesis. Synthesis means putting things together, rather than taking them apart. Synthesis leads to emergence: properties of a whole that are not in its parts. The research communities centered on service systems and on natural systems may benefit from a synthesis through a systems approach.

This presidential address has 6 parts.

  • 1. Challenges where the systems approach can make a contribution
  • 2. Research into service systems
  • 3. Research into natural systems
  • 4. Some frames brought with a systems approach
  • 5. Learning and knowing

The address concludes with a call for participation at the 56th annual meeting of the ISSS in San Jose, California, in July 2012.

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