Mind, Body, Quantum Mechanics – Stuart Kauffman, April 2019

I’d be interested in opinions on this! V good or has he gone ‘late career’ and mystical?! 😀


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Activitas Nervosa Superior

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Mind, Body, Quantum Mechanics

  • Stuart KauffmanEmail author


I discuss the following: The causal closure of classical physics implies that consciousness in a classical physics brain can at best be epiphenomenal. Quantum mechanics can break the causal closure of classical physics in two ways: measurement and a newly discovered Poised Realm. Conscious experience may be associated with quantum measurement. Here quantum mind has acausal consequences for the classical brain. I propose genetic experiments to test this. Entanglement may solve the “binding problem.” I believe these proposals unite mind and body in a new way and answer Descartes after 350 years of the Stalemate introduced by his dualism of Res cogitans and Res extensa.


Causal closure Quantum mechanics Poised realm Mind body