Progressing our #mentalhealth complex systems work : young people

Worth looking at this for the links which tell the overall story of application of a systems approach to mental health.

The Commonplace Book

A colleague – Richard – from the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology who I admire hugely jokes that he is taking a population approach – one person at a time.  And he is, I think, right in that. He’s doing his bit. (He’s inspirational.) Which always makes me think what are we public health folk doing in return?  We live in a system, our health is something which exists in a system.  So if we want a mentally healthy society we need to do our bit for that.

Having just finished reading the Oxford textbook of public mental health (moderately loving it but a review coming soon elsewhere) and the Oxford textbook of nature and public health, the area I remain dissatisfied by is the fact we still are in very early stages of describing things as systems and building responses, when they clearly are systems.

Some time ago, we…

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