Collaborative Innovation courses from Co-Creative in the US in the Autumn

Sadly I missed putting this up in time for the free 23 May webinar from the excellent Co-Creative in association with the Ashoka Foundation – this training well worth looking into though, if relevant to you – I believe it will be top class.

Source: You’re Invited! Collaborative Social Innovation and Systems Change Webinar



Open Training Opportunities:

We also want you to know that we have three opportunities this fall for friends, colleagues or your network partners to be exposed to our methodology, tools and hands-on learning environment during our Collaborative Innovation Essentials course.


This course will support you to:

  1. Design and lead multi-stakeholder collaborations fueled by real alignment, engagement, and momentum
  2. Lead more confidently through the fear and uncertainty of leading complex change across ideological and cultural boundaries
  3. Help groups navigate the confusion and polarization that shows up when engaging diverse constituents


You will leave this course with increased effectiveness and skill in:


  • Establishing the conditions for powerful collaboration
  • Aligning diverse interests around a powerful shared goal
  • Mapping a shared understanding of system dynamics
  • Helping stakeholders develop real empathy for everyone affected by the work
  • Identifying the critical shifts that need to happen in order to realize your goal
  • Developing a powerful set of ideas, build them into working prototypes and test them in the real world
  • Scaling up the work and the impact
  • Building a shared learning environment


Do you have someone to recommend or to whom you’d be willing to pass along the registration link?



For more information about joining the no-cost webinar, registering for one of our open training sessions, or scheduling a time to speak with us about designing an opportunity just for your team, please contact Melissa Darnell at


In collaboration,




Russ Gaskin
Managing Director
CoCreative Consulting
Cell: +1-202-253-8846

What others have said about our training
(from anonymous session feedback):

“Simply the best session I’ve ever attended, hands down.”

  • Session Attendee,

U.S. Food and Drug Administration


“I’ve been doing professional development workshops for 20-plus years. This one stands out. It’s not too much to say that it’s already changed my perspective forever.”

  • Session Attendee,

UN Development Program


“I should have learnt this 5 years ago. I feel like we wasted a lot of time and energy without this.”

  • Session Attendee,

New Zealand Institute of Management


What others have said about our
collaborative innovation approach:


“CoCreative helped our network of stakeholders create a powerful framework for shared action in our community. Your team’s facilitation, wealth of knowledge, and creative approaches helped our coalition of the willing find common vision across our diverse ideas and interests. It was exciting to see a shared understanding of system gaps and stakeholder needs emerge and inform the design of Stone Soup Makers–our new Collective Impact capacity building program for the LeHigh Valley.”

  • Marci Ronald, Executive Vice President,

United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley


“I’ve participated in a number of multi-stakeholder meetings on these issues, and a lot of them were led by well-known institutions, but we’ve accomplished more the last day and a half than we did in six months of those meetings.”


  • Kellee James, CEO, Mercaris


“This innovation network approach is really powerful and we’re getting a lot done, but honestly the most valuable part of it for me is that I’ve learned so much about how to run my own business better. Your approaches actually work to get people focused on big goals and moving fast.”

  • Greg Likteig, Senior Director,

The Scoular Companies


“Russ Gaskin and his team at CoCreative Consulting are a dream to work with. They help you figure out, and accomplish, what seems impossibly tangled and unmanageable. I’ve been in the fields of corporate responsibility, progressive economic development, and social investing for a quarter century now, and I’ve worked with and met a lot of consultants. CoCreative is, hands down, the absolute best at creating large-scale system change.”

  • Marjorie Kelly, Senior Vice President,

The Democracy Collaborative