Connecting with Source, Self, System – deep immersion

The Nature of Business

Connecting with Source, Self, System

5th September, 2019

with Giles Hutchins and Katherine Long

Katherine Long and Giles Hutchins are hosting a unique nature-immersion retreat, an opportunity for profound reflection which will renew, re-energise and regenerate – a day that will support you to deeply re- connect with your sense of purpose, the wider systems you are a part of, and the future you seek to co-create.

Together with other change practitioners (leaders, coaches, organization design and development practitioners, activists) we will explore questions such as:

  • What shifts in ourselves, our work, and in our professional communities are needed to respond to the scale of threat this planet faces?
  • What can we learn from living-systems about resilience, adaptability, collective intelligence and change?
  • How do we support healing and wholeness in a fragmented world?
  • What can we do we resource ourselves and each other to stay aligned to ‘deep purpose’ whilst…

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