Making Sense Podcast #153 – Possible Minds | Sam Harris

As with every Sam Harris podcast, you might want to skip the first five minutes, and turn up the speed – but though this is positied as a conversation about AI, there is lots her (especially in the first interviews) about the origins of systems thinking / complexity / cybernetics.


Source: Making Sense Podcast #153 – Possible Minds | Sam Harris



Conversations with George Dyson, Alison Gopnik, and Stuart Russell

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In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris introduces John Brockman’s new anthology, “Possible Minds: 25 Ways of Looking at AI,” in conversation with three of its authors: George Dyson, Alison Gopnik, and Stuart Russell.

George Dyson is a historian of technology. He is also the author of Darwin Among the Machines and Turing’s Cathedral.

Alison Gopnik is a developmental psychologist at UC Berkeley and a leader in the field of children’s learning and development. Her books include The Philosophical Baby.

Stuart Russell is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley. He is the author of (with Peter Norvig) of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approachthe most widely used textbook on AI.