2016/07/28 11:10 Len Troncale, “Systems Processes Theory (SPT) , and its prospects as a general theoretical core for a science of systems and sustainability”, ISSS 2016 Boulder

In brief. David Ing.

Plenary @ISSSMeeting Len Troncale, Keynote #isss2016USA, 60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Day 4 theme:  Systems Theory, Management, and Practice

Plenary VIII: Prospects for Scientific Systemic Synthesis

  • Description: Recent times have seen the emergence of new theoretical insights that may help to establish the frameworks, theories and methodologies we need to understand, design, build, explain, communicate about, utilize or operate, maintain, and evolve resilient and sustainable socio-ecological systems. In this panel we bring together experts to present on such emerging developments in the areas of engineering, science, research, practice and philosophy, and to reflect on how these different stands can contribute to the formation of a new systemic synthesis that will make the ‘whole systems perspective’ scientific and practical. The panel presentations will be delivered in the last plenary before lunch, and be followed by an…

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