A System Leader’s Fieldbook


Source: A System Leader’s Fieldbook

A System Leader’s Fieldbook

Gaining traction on today’s ever-more complex challenges requires collective leadership. That means practicing new ways of operating at the levels of Self, Team, Organization, and System. This online Fieldbook provides tools and resources for system leaders to use in supporting people and groups as they develop the skills to accelerate progress on intractable problems together.

To make real and lasting change, we need to:

Recognize that we are part of the systems we seek to change: Self
Interact productively with—and learn from—others: Team
Collaborate across internal stakeholder groups: Organization
Work across boundaries to co-create the future: System

Questions for Getting Started

Hover over the different segments of the circle, to the left, to identify the modules that will help you build your capacity to become a system leader.

Engaging Stakeholders Around Complex Problems

“Tools for transformation and learning will have little impact if not embraced and practiced by the community. Outside helpers like NOS cannot restore the Ensenada; the only ones who can do that are the community members themselves….Many felt that the real aim of environmentalist NGOs was simply to force the fisherman to stop fishing. In turn, it took time for NOS [Noroeste Sustentable] to appreciate that there were strong restoration leaders within the community.”

– Hubert Méndez, leaders of the fishing cooperative OPR

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Source: A System Leader’s Fieldbook