Design & Systems Thinking and Complexity – John Mortimer – Medium


Source: Design & Systems Thinking and Complexity – John Mortimer – Medium

Design & Systems Thinking and Complexity

Making sense of our organisations

Systems thinking with regard to organisations is conceptually very simple, it is a particular way of looking at the organisation, its environment, customers, and its place in the industry it is in, and everything that it is a part of it. When people start to see their organisation and role by seeing with a systems thinking mindset, they gain a perspective of it that is whole and interconnected, and this leads them to understand how it can work in a fundamentally different way to traditional reductionist understanding. However, if you search for definitions of Systems Thinking it often creates more confusion than it solves. I would encourage those who wish to find out to search for definitions that they understand.

The more difficult part of this, is getting to that place of thinking systemically. Unfortunately there are no clear ways of doing that, and there are as many weird and wonderful interpretations of how to get there that is related to systems thinking. I will use Design Thinking as a comparison, because there are similarities due to the fact that they are both ways of seeing and understanding that are more fundamental to rational and mental analysis.


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