innovating systems thinking, Melbourne on February 11-12 2020


Source: innovating systems thinking

innovating systems thinking: methods, practice and leadership

~ gathering for peer learning and co-creation

the call 

for participants

we are convening the systems thinking community 

  • to share, learn, experiment and progress our systems thinking methods, practice and leadership 

we are seeking systems thinkers

  • from all sectors and areas of work, but especially from across geographies and scale of work 

we are seeking systems thinkers who:

  • have a solid and established understanding of systems thinking concepts and methods and are actively engaged in applying systems thinking in their work 

  • are creatively experimenting in their work to push beyond standard systems thinking methods and practice to explore relationships, dynamics, diverse perspectives, and attention to boundaries

  • are operating from a place of learning, complexity, and uncertainty

  • value sharing and building together, who are willing to reflect on what does and does not work and continue to grow from there

our focus 

we are bringing together a systems community for two days of inspiration and exchange in Melbourne on February 11-12 2020.  our aim is to strengthen our capacity individually and collectively across Oceania, for systems thinking leadership and practice through peer knowledge exchange.  as convenors of this space we are not ‘presenting the answers’ or acting as experts. we are creating an opportunity for our community to learn and build together – creating new insights from the sum of the whole.

what we build and create together will be open sourced and made available to all participants for their use under the collective commons agreement. 

we currently have a small team co-creating our gathering, and some of the key aspects we will explore include:

  • systems leadership

  • enabling self-care and sustainability for our work 

  • innovations and experiments in systems methods and practice 

  • bringing our funders along on the journey 

  • connecting our community and building learning ties 

  • reflecting on our practice and the field 

the gathering will be a mix of activities to strengthen our community connections, develop our personal capacities, hear from other practitioners and draw from the group brain to further create and innovate.  

we continue to refine the design of the workshop and build on what we hear from those who are keen to join.  we’ll even have some sessions unaccounted for so that we can allow space to respond to emergent needs and ideas in the room.  the outline of the gathering will be available as the event approaches.  

you are invited to join our co-creation team – keep reading 🙂



this gathering will be highly interactive and participatory.  we’ll shift between playful activities, peer learning sessions, community building activities and quiet reflection.  you will be a contributor, a builder, a listener and a supporter. in this space we will ask people to draw on their experience and knowledge and to share that with the group. we will ask you to work together with others in the room to build new insight and understanding, to innovate and create together.  

this is not a space for observers, arm-chair experts, formal presentations or one-way speaking.   

it’s going to be pretty awesome 🙂

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expressions of interest

this event is being crafted by the systems community for the systems community

we’re inviting expressions of interest because: 

  • we want to create space for others to join the co-creation team to ensure we craft an event that is inspiring, engaging and insightful for our community

  • we want to enable diversity in our gathering so that we can engage with the richness of experiences across the whole spectrum of systems thinking work 

  • we recognize the journey of working in systems thinking is vast and that many are just starting out.  our goal above all else is to make this event inclusive, while ensuring we’re bringing together a group with knowledge and experience beyond “systems 101.”

not sure if this event is for you?

in this event we are inviting participants who have been travelling the systems thinking journey for a little while and are actively applying and practicing systems thinking. are you just starting out on your systems journey and wanting to learn more? 

here are two great places to get started: 

systems community of practice 

waters foundation: systems thinking 

event details

deakin downtown – 727 collins st, melbourne

february 11-12 2020 

10-3pm each day

we want to make this event as inclusive as possible, and our registration fees have been kept to a minimum to enable this. a portion of each registration will be used to provide scholarships.  

individual/not for profit/community sector: $400

corporate sector: $550

this is a peer learning event and we are dedicated to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity to participate. Strength and opportunity for change in systems work comes from the richness of experience and insight from across the whole system, we know we can’t go it alone.

consistent with this principle, we want to encourage and enable the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women and others from diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities. as organizers, we acknowledge our responsibility to ‘pay the rent’ and to do as much as we can to ensure there are no financial barriers to attend.  please connect with us about how we can enable your participation. connect with us 

help us make magic happen

become a sponsor

imagine a graphic facilitator in the background creating beautiful imagery in real time to capture our learning. 

consider how transcripts of our sessions can facilitate rich and insightful resources that capture what we created in the room. 

reflect on the value of inclusiveness and recall that we can do so much better to make our gatherings diverse and inclusive for all.

ponder what is possible if we diffuse everything we build, further out into the system…  

help us make this gathering even more spectacular by supporting its capacity to do more, to honour what is offered and share it out into the system.  

what can you dream up for us? 

if you’d like to support the event by sponsoring a scholarship or activity, donate towards our open source process to distribute our outcomes, or something else we haven’t thought of we’d love to hear from you.  connect with us 

we recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. we acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. (ref: