The Foundations of Holonomics 9: Goethe’s Theory of Colours

Transition Consciousness

In this series on the foundations of Holonomics we have been discussing the notion of ‘phenomena’ in relation to the manner in which we experience the world and the relationship between experience, perception and how we think about the world. We will now make the shift from intellectual investigation into an active way of exploring the world, an exercise which will help us experience the notion of a phenomenon directly.

Photo: Simon Robinson

The reason why Goethe’s Theory of Colour plays a prominent role in the Holonomics approach is that by actually carrying out these experiments with both our MBA students and also business executives, Maria and I have found that people are better able to explore the way in which scientific thinking impacts on the way in which they consider the natural world, and the extent in which our intellectual minds dominate over the other ways of knowing:…

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