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Executive Director of the System Dynamics Society

The System Dynamics Society is a non-profit organization that publishes the System Dynamics Review, runs an annual conference, and supports the activities of educators and practitioners in the field around the world. We are looking for an Executive Director who can help us fulfill this mission* by:

  • Helping define and deliver member benefits in order to retain and grow our membership
  • Overseeing outreach and contact activities to help keep members and the broader System Dynamics community up to date on what is happening
  • Keeping track of conference program activities to make sure the work advertising the conference, developing the schedule, and delivering the final program is kept on schedule
  • Coordinating with the Executive Editor and Publisher for the System Dynamics Review on logistic and content issues
  • Determining the needs of Chapters and SIGs within the Society and providing guidance on how best to fulfill them
  • Evaluating, planning, and making recommendations on product and service delivery opportunities in support of Society goals
  • Maintaining contact in the community for Society and conference sponsorship
  • Supporting the governance of the Society by scheduling meetings and providing information to Society Officers as needed
  • Working with the VP Finance to develop and follow budgets.

The Society is in a period of transition, and during this time the Executive Director will also be partly responsible for defining the role of the Executive Director. We are looking for someone who is up to this bootstrapping challenge, whether just for the transition or for the long term.

The Society currently maintains its operations in Albany, New York, USA. But the Executive Director position is one that can be taken on remotely so there are no real geographic restrictions. Ideas and attitude are far more important than location.

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*From our Articles of Incorporation (, the objectives of the System Dynamics Society are:

  • to identify, extend and unify knowledge contributing to the understanding of feedback control systems
  • to promote the design of structures and policies to improve the behavior of such systems
  • to promote the development of the field of system dynamics and the free interchange of information about systems as they are found in all fields of endeavor
  • to promote the dissemination of information on such topics to the general public, and
  • to encourage and develop educational programs in the behavior of systems.