“Why” we should start with “What”

Systems Ninja

Simon Sinek is an inspirational speaker, writer and one of my favourite people (to be clear I don’t know him).

However, when it comes to service design I will (briefly) challenge Simons assertion to “Start with Why” (great book by the way).

With a career in public and military services, at the “sharp end” for the majority, I note that rarely is the “Why” missing, at least in meetings, debates and decisions making.

Many times you will hear “We need to protect ……” or “We have to help….”. The why is there ever present in decisions and projection of reasoning. In fact I would argue it is often used as the “emotional hammer” to drive home a particular change, or keep a particular service.

What is missing is the “What”.

Why Chicken

Most managers can tell you quite clearly “Why” a service, process, policy exists and “How” (perhaps slightly less) it is…

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