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Systems development is not the creation of discrete, intrinsically meaningful objects, but the cultural production of new forms of material practice.
—L. A. Suchman

The essence of critical technical practice is to evaluate a research project not by its correspondence to one’s own substantive beliefs but by the rigor and insight with which it struggles against the patterns of difficulty inherent in its design.
—P. E. Agre

You can’t change anything from outside it. Standing apart, looking down, taking the overview, you see the pattern. What’s wrong, what’s missing. You want to fix it. But you can’t patch it. You have to be in it, weaving it. You have to be part of the weaving.
—U. K. Le Guin

This is like this, because that is like that.
—T. N. Hanh

This is the website of Six Silberman.

As of July 1, 2015, I work for IG Metall, a labor union in Germany. I am based in Frankfurt.

I share digital copies of texts on request.