Summary: The Macy Conferences

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Source: Summary: The Macy Conferences

Cybernetics …
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Coalescence of Cybernetics

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History: Chapter 2
SUMMARY: The Macy Conferences

ABOUT THIS SUMMARY As previously mentioned, there is a lack of comprehensive documentation on the Macy Conferences. Part of this derives from the fact that the first five conferences – by all accounts the most lively and energizing – were never formally documented with published proceedings. Part of this derives from the fact that it was not until Steve Joshua Heims undertook his massive research decades after the fact that anyone addressed the Macy Conferences as a historical subject. Even Heims’ work, impressive though it is, doesn’t bother to give a uniformly detailed historical account of the conferences.This summary is not claimed to provide a comprehensive account of the conferences. It is simply a collated set of basic facts along with such illustrative tidbits as can be gleaned from Heims’ The Cybernetics Group, Dupuy’s Mechanization of the Mind, and other sources.

Source: Summary: The Macy Conferences