CAPITALISM’S CYBERNETIC SUPREMACY, and why socialism does not work – Javier Livas

To me, such a weird selection of good and bad ideas and argument – but the interesting stuff is very interesting – particularly the ten characteristics of viable systems from about 17:00 onwards:

1 – viable systems have evolved and are built from the bottom up in growing complexity
2 – viable systems are not hierarchical, or based on authority
3 – viable systems rely on their viable components acting with the maximum possible autonomy
4 – viable systems evolve into the future by experimenting with different options, they take a more ‘natural selection’ route
5 – viabe systems make a very wise use of their coordination function
6 – viable systems live in the border of thermodynamic chaos
7 – viabe systems are sentient; and they can detect wrong moves and mistakes
8 – viable systems have a shared identity
9 – all viable systems depend on a positive feedback to produce energy and a negative or control feedback to provide control
10 – to control and be controlled at the same time are two side of the same organic structure

(30 minutes but I had no problem listening to this one at 2x speed)